Friday, August 23, 2013

DIY Hanky Dress Pattern at Willow an Artisans Market

If you are not already familiar with Willow an Artisans Market in old downtown Littleton, you need to check it out. The Willow is all about Fun - Funky - and Functional Art. My original Hanky Dresses have been available here for many years. My new DIY Hanky Dress pattern is now available here as well.

Full size examples of each of the pattern designs are here for you to view and help you in making your selection. There are five different patterns containing two designs each. In addition there is one value priced pattern which includes all ten of my designs.

Helen Rice, Proprietor - Willow - at the corner of Prince and Main
in old downtown Littleton

Pattern Display


Shown here are examples of four of the designs available.

Remember - if you have a family member's hanky that you would like made into a dress, you can take it in to the Willow and Helen will coordinate with me for your special order.


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