Monday, March 16, 2015

St. Patrick's Day 2015

I'm all ready for St. Patrick's Day. Not a drop of Irish blood in me, but I do enjoy the Irish culture and I adore the color green. I've placed a lovely green and white Hanky Dress along with an ivy heart I made into a shadow box. This is a great way to display your Hanky Dresses because you can just switch them out to fit the season. You'll being seeing my new shadow box a lot. It made it's debut at the Valentine's Day Boutique Sale with a a very special red and white Hanky Dress.
Anyone can have a hanky bouquet like the one shown here. I've gathered up a few of my favorites to create this one. Take each hanky by the center to form a cone. Group them all together in a pleasing manner and stuff into a pretty vase. Hint - if you want your shamrock's to look their best, put the right side to the inside so that when you fluff them outward the right side is showing - as they are on the lower edge of this bouquet.