Thursday, March 22, 2018

Daffodils and Jonquils are the March Birth Month Flowers

Is your birthday in March? If it is, then daffodils and jonquils are your birth month flowers. I had to do a little research on this one to figure out the difference.

According to the American Daffodil Society, a jonquil is one of the thirteen divisions of daffodils. Bloom color, size and shape, as well as foliage type, flowering schedule and number of blossoms to a stem, determine the classifications of over 25,000 registered hybrids. All of these perennials fall under the genus Narcissus. 

DAFFODIL - are the large-flowered varieties.
NARCISSUS - are the small-flowered and early-blooming types bearing clusters of blossoms.
JONQUIL - often have fragrant yellow flowers. 

Blooms are comprised of two parts: the perianth, made up of six outer petal segments, and the corona in the center, shaped like a trumpet or cup (depending on length). Besides the familiar yellow and white flowers, daffodils also come in orange, red, apricot, pink and cream. In some varieties, the perianth and corona are different colors or varying shades of the same color. Leaves may be flat and straight or narrow and spiky. 

Following are a few hankies with daffodils for your viewing enjoyment.

I decided this was a daffodil on this pretty yellow linen hanky. What do you think?

I was surprised to find several blue daffodils.

This is the sweetest little hanky. It measures only about nine inches square.

I found this pretty hanky in two color versions; the other has a blue background with pink, blue and yellow daffodils.

I think these daffodils are uniquely bold.

This may be my favorite. White/Yellow Daffodils on a pale blue linen background.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Some St. Patrick's Day Fun with Vintage Hankies

A Little St. Patrick's Day Welcome!

Happy St. Patrick's Day - Hanky Hearts from the Hanky Dress Lady

I love to make Hanky Hearts almost as much as Hanky Dresses. These two were actually made for a client of mine. The photos show both the front and back sides of each with shamrocks on one side and buttons on the other side. (click to get a closeup view)  Both of these were made from just one handkerchief. You can use Hanky Hearts as door decorations, on a cabinet nob or almost anywhere you like. I slipped  one through the hanging loop of the other here to create a chain effect.

St. Patrick's Day Puzzle Handkerchief

This St. Patrick's Day hanky belongs to the same client...and what a lucky Irish lady she is! At first glance one might think it just a rather odd and old damaged hanky. Not so - this is a rare St. Patrick's Day Puzzle Handkerchief. I have a collection of Valentine Puzzle Hankies, but this is the first St. Patrick's Day Puzzle Hanky I have ever seen. When folded properly the lovely Irish shamrock design is revealed. It may be damaged but I think it is still a treasure.

Create a Hanky Bouquet for St. Patrick's Day

I don't have an ounce of Irish blood in me - but I do love the color green! You can create a hanky bouquet with all sorts of containers. Look around and see what you might have to work with and give it a go. You'll want to starch and iron those hankies to give them a little stiffness so the points will stand up and not flop over. Check out the close-ups below and let me know which is your favorite.