Welcome - my name is Muriel and I am referred to by many as the Hanky Dress Lady. I invented the concept of folding vintage hankies in an origami fashion to create cute little dresses. I’ve made hundreds of them since early 2007.

What are Hanky Dresses?
…. They are folded hankies that look like little dresses. They are flat when complete and are lined on the back. Each one has its own little made to fit hanger. (They are not like a dress one would put on a doll.)

How does one use a Hanky Dress as décor?
… Because they are flat, a Hanky Dress can be framed or hung on a door or wall as is. They can be hung in coordinated groupings of 3-5 or lined up and hung on a string from their little hangers. Change Hanky Dresses with the seasons and use as holiday décor for Valentine’s Day and Christmas, St. Patrick's Day, 4th of July and to mark the seasons. They make charming wall décor in a bedroom, nursery, laundry room, or powder room.

What other ways can one use a Hanky Dress?
… Incorporate them into a wall hanging, quilt top or quilted bags…even put them on a window valance or use as a curtain appliqué.

What about Antique and Wedding Hankies?
I take great care with these hankies and hand sew the dresses. Because they are folded and hand sewn, they could be restored to their original state. Brides love to have their wedding hanky turned into a Hanky Dress and framed as a remembrance of their special day. I also fold small white hankies into a different style that looks like a baby baptismal gown. Framed, these are the perfect birth commemorative.

Who are Hanky Dresses For?
…. These sweet little dresses are sure to please big and little girls alike. They make wonderful gifts and unique home décor items. I refer to some of my dresses as Heirloom Hanky Dresses because my customers often ask me to turn their beloved mother’s, grandmother’s, great grandmother’s or aunts’ hankies into dresses that can be framed and thereby preserved and appreciated for generations to come. Get Grandma’s hanky out of the dresser drawer and into a framed work of art. It is amazing how hankies reflect the personality of the women remembered.


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