Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Western Welcome Week in Littleton, Colorado

Western Welcome Week has been happening for 84 year's in my hometown of Littleton Colorado. It is always a fun time and usually coincides with the week of my wedding anniverary. The day I got married was the first I knew of WWW. I was sitting in the beauty parlor getting myself all fixed up and I kept hearing all this noise. So I asked what all the noise was about. They told me, "Today is the Western Welcome Week Parade." "You mean - you don't know about Western Welcome Week?" Needless to say I did not - I was new in town. Then I proceeded to worry about how I was going to get out of there and to the church on time because it seemed as though I was all sewed in and all routes out were blocked by the parade.  Long story short - I made it to the church on time!

That's me and Kody, my friend and next door neighbor's sweet little grand daughter.
All the horses are my favorite!

Sweet little pooches on parade!

Heritage High Cheerleaders

The Westerners

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