Sunday, December 30, 2012

October 2012

The following is a quick catch up for October of 2012.

This is a custom order of hanky dresses. They were hankies of my client's favorite aunt. My client gave them to various relatives for Christmas. I believe she saved one for herself. I pulled out all the stops on this order and did a few new things that I had never tried before and came up with a couple of new ideas in the process.
A little R&R in our lovely Colorado Mountains

Black Hawk and Central City, Colorado

We only got one pumpkin this year - but it was a nice one! This is an Amish pie pumpkin. I love it's lovely pale color.

And here is the first pumpkin pie made with the pumpkin.
I have also made at least six large loaves of pumpkin bread.
And still have lots of frozen pumpkin left.
These were way up on top. The squirrels need some apples too.

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