Monday, June 3, 2013

Baby Robins on my Front Porch

I want to share with you the robins I have enjoyed this summer that live on my front porch. We watched Mom built the nest in the crook of the gutter under the roof. A honeysuckle vine grows up around them.
 I was lucky enough to catch pictures of their departure. The scenario began at approximately 11:00 am. It took about an hour before the brother got brave enough to jump; unfortunately, I missed the actual jump. I had to run and do something and he was gone when I returned. His sister took until 7:00 pm that evening to take her leap - which wasn't very far. She landed just below the nest in a bush.  You can see her in the last picture where she held on for dear life all night long. I had so hoped she would not jump until the next morning. Both of them had very short stubby tail feathers which were not ready for true flight yet.
The next day we discovered that Mom and Dad had them climb up the trunks of our neighbor's evergreen shrubs and had them hide out there in the upper branches.
Long story short - brother and sister robin grew up and are fine. And - Mom and Dad are currently raising another brood of two in the same place.  We sit on the front porch, just a few feet away and watch them and talk to Mom and Dad.

Brother and sister in the nest.

Brother hops up on the edge.
Sister decides to try it too.

Brother made the leap - sister contemplating it all.

Lonely night in the bush.

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