Monday, February 23, 2015

Spring Door Hangers

I've really been into this cone thing and it's many applications for a little over a year now. I am also big on door hangers. 

Then recently I started a Pinterest Board for burlap crafts I came across. Here is a link to that, if you are into the burlap craze too -  

Then one day all these interests merged and I started making and perfecting these burlap door hangers. I started by making some for Valentine's Day using fresh baby's breath. The burlap cones are equipped with floral water tubes.

As bridal decorations these burlap cones would make perfect pew hangers. Or, how about sprucing up a burlap wedding banner with one of these burlap cones on either end!

Put water in tube for fresh flowers.

Here are the new Spring door hangers that I just completed using faux flowers. As you can see, they would also look nice displayed on a wall hook, a door knob, a cabinet knob, or simply a nail on the wall.

So there you have it - my personal contribution to the burlap craze. Each one is a little different; incorporating some sparkling ribbon or old lace and then appropriately frayed for individual character. They are currently available for purchase at the Willow Artisans Market in downtown Littleton. I hope to have some in my Etsy shop soon, too.


  1. Your burlap cones are pure simple elegance! They really look great displayed together on the coat rack!


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