Tuesday, July 28, 2015

For Terri and Her Sisters

My journey with Terri began before Christmas of last year when she contacted me through my my Etsy Shop asking if I could make some dresses from her grandmother’s hankies. And like a blast from the past there was Terri in my inbox again today. I was thrilled because we had had so many fun conversations along the way …. I recall something about morphing Minnesota rabbits, a sister named Patti that was not born on March 17 and one named Kathy that was born on March 17, pink fairy dresses and memories of snow.
Don’t ask – we won’t tell.

Hanky Dress

The Hanky Dresses and Hanky Hearts you see here were shared with her sisters. In addition she purchased an additional St. Patrick’s Day Hanky Dress as a birthday gift for her sister who was born on March 17. Terri was so lucky to have bought that one when she did because the very next day its views skyrocketed to over 900 views (not sure why, but it may have been featured on the Etsy Home page). 

Anyway – long story short – she wanted to leave feedback on Etsy and that reminded me that I had intended to share her dresses with you all on my blog. Following is what she said when she originally received her Hanky Dresses.

Dear Muriel…love, love, love my little fairy dress! Kathy loves her pink one and Patti is thrilled with the surprise hearts and her pretty dress! Patti got her package yesterday and I got mine today. I was so excited! Once again, your beautiful handiwork is superior! So enjoyed our chats and will miss you! I will be sure and send business your way, if I can! Love, love, love you for bringing our memories to life in a way we can display proudly and see daily! – Terri

Little pink pixie dress and the hankie it was made from.

This was a very old and fragile hanky with storage damage, edge damage and a hole right in the center. I would guess that it dated back to the 1920's. I actually didn't think I could use it; but continued to experiment with try to hide the holes and damage and finally came up with this rather pixie-like design. Once I decided it was a pixie fairy dress I just had to add some iridescent beads and silk ribbon....and wah-lah!

The Hanky Hearts below were made from the one remaining hanky that could not be made into a dress. I think I managed to add most, if not all, of the remaining family buttons Terri had sent me to work with...a bit of a whimsical touch.

Thanks Terri – it was a pleasure! 
I too will miss our conversations.

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