Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Framed Vintage Christmas Santa Handkerchief

#Santahanky, #TheHankyDressLadyI wanted to create something special with this very special vintage Christmas handkerchief. When I found this wonderful frame I was on my way. The edging on the frame coordinated wonderfully with the edging design on the hanky and with the Damask piece I found for the background.

#TheHankyDressLady, #SantahankyThe vintage hanky dictated playfulness and fun. So I decided to paint some snowflakes on the inside of the glass. There was, of course, a lot of plotting and planning before I took paint brush to glass. The lovely shadow effect is created because there is a space between the glass and the framed hanky. Click on the photos for an enlarged view and a better look at the details.

#TheHankyDressLadyI just knew this would look beautiful in someone's entryway and could be used instead of a Christmas wreath. And, what a joy, it would be to use it year after year!
I almost didn't give this one up. I really wanted to keep it for myself. But, I decided to leave it up to God and the universe to decide what was best. You can imagine my joy when Cynthia (the purchaser) told me she was also a Santa Collector. It always makes me feel good when I know one of my pieces is going to a good home! Thank you Cynthia...and, thank you for the photos.

Cynthia's beautiful Christmas Tree

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