Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Super Bowl 50 Bronco Hanky Dresses For Sale


I like to say there is a Hanky Dress for every season and a Hanky Dress for every reason.

Living in Colorado I am, most heartedly, a Broncos fan and I made these two Hanky Dresses specifically for that reason!

Now, you may be asking, “What on earth is a Hanky Dress.” Well, I am going to tell you what on earth a Hanky Dress is. It is a piece of art created from grandma’s treasured vintage hanky. I take grandma’s hankies and fold them into the shape of a dress in various styles. Then I carefully stitch and embellish each one and hang it on a little handmade hanger that I coerce my husband to make for me. Each hanger must be made to fit each dress and must meet my rigorous standards. From time to time I find it necessary to reject a hanger. And, I can tell you when that happens, it does not make for a happy home around here.

I’ve done this with wedding hankies, Christmas hankies, Valentine hankies, fancy hankies…polka-dotted, plaid, and plain hankies. The fact is, these hankies have memories attached to them. Some were so precious they were never used. They had been tucked away in a drawer for safe keeping, while others were faded and worn. Some had even been passed down from generation to generation. They were childhood hankies and lover’s hankies. Many might be considered quite ordinary and every day, but they all had one thing in common. They reminded my customers of someone they loved.

Super Bowl 50 will happen only once. This is my way of commemorating the event. I have used two vintage 1950’s Burmel linen hankies with hand rolled white hems to create these very special Hanky Dresses. They are embellished with vintage rickrack and buttons from the same era and measure approximately 11-12 inches shoulder to hem. These hankies are most likely of the never used variety that I spoke of earlier. I can tell because the colors are vividly bright and the linen is nice and crisp.

Surely, there is some philanthropic millionaire out there who would like to own these and give my little Hanky Dress business a boost. Available online through my Hanky Dresses Etsy Shop. If you happen to live in Denver, they can be viewed in person at Frame It located at Broadway and Ridge Road in Littleton.

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Super Bowl 50 Bronco Hanky Dresses - The Hanky Dress Lady 

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  1. Perfect! Your FANtastic dresses will be featured in my Super Bowl 50 Treasury and Vintage Cocktail Party! I love them!


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