Friday, February 7, 2014

Display Idea for your Valentine Hankies

I found this small wire dress form about six months ago at the thrift shop. I usually go for the vintage stuff. Although this is not old; it just spoke to me and I knew I would find a use for it. It had some fluffy fabric around the neck which I remove right away. Then I used it to hang some of my jewelry on for a while. Then a few weeks ago when I was going through my Valentine hankies, it hit me. Using just the smaller and more sparsely decorated Valentine hankies I created this display.  


All I did was pick up each hanky in the center and stuff it into the spaces just below the waist line. One hanky for each square. Eight vintage hankies were used. Then I just cross-crossed a pretty ribbon across the bodice taking it to the back and bringing it back to the front to tie a big bow. So simple and so pretty! If you set this on a dressing table with a mirror to the back, you'll be able to view both sides.

Have fun - I'd love to see your valentine hanky creations.

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