Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Custom Order for Amber

This is just one of the cutest handkerchiefs I have seen, and the only one like it that I have see. I had such a fun time creating this Hanky Dress that I wanted to share the experience with my readers. This project was nothing but fun, fun, fun, from the day Amber found me on Etsy and wanted to know if I could turn her childhood handkerchief into a Hanky Dress.

I asked her to convo me a picture of it. (A convo is Etsy's communication system - sort of like email). So she did and we discussed what she might want. I gave her an estimate and she agreed to mail her handkerchief to me. A few days later this amazing envelope arrived in the mail. Her sweet little drawings had me grinning from ear to ear. Not only did she decorate the front, but she decorated the back as well. That was when I just knew I was dealing with an artist and I wanted to document every step of the way so I could share it on my blog.

Escutcheon is name of her wonderful Etsy Shop. Look at that sweet label on the back of her envelope. She is so clever....but that is another story...Literally! I determined that I must ask her if she would share what she does with my readers. She said yes.  So, you can read all about her Etsy Shop in my next blog post. In the mean time here is a link to her shop. Escutcheon

I carefully open the envelope with  a knife to find this....the hanky sealed in this fun tissue paper and the buttons she sent along were sealed with this precious little bunny sticker. I honestly admired the little bunny rabbit for a few minutes before I finally had to rip him in half to get to the buttons inside. Silly, I know, but he was so cute.

All the while I am thinking that Amber just has to be a really fun lady and I wish I could talk to her in person.

Ta Da!....the much anticipated hanky...and it was every bit as wonderful as I thought it would be. Take a moment and zoom in on it so you can read all the phrases and see the sweet little drawings that accompany each one. My favorites are "Every dog has his day." and when the cat's away the mice will play." I just loved that little black scottie dog!

Here is what Amber was able to tell me about her very special childhood hanky which can be dated back to the 1950's.

"I remember always having it when I was a child in the early 70's, It was originally given to my mother by my grandmother in the 50's when she was a little girl, and then my mother gave it to me when I was little in the early 70's. 

Grandmother Ellan was born in 1896, and was very practical, and never fussy, frilly or girly. She did not buy traditional toys for her grandchildren, just the necessary things. I smile when I imagine her selecting this hanky as it IS very whimsical and even she could not resist that."

This is the finished and framed dress.

And....this is a picture of where Amber hung it in her house.

I am so glad she gave me the opportunity to to do this for her. It is no small thing to be trusted with such a treasure.

Thank You - Amber

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