Thursday, February 4, 2016

Valentine Hanky Dresses for Shelley

What fun I had making Valentine Hanky Dresses for Shelley. Pictured below is the fabulous collection of Valentine's Day hankies she sent for me to use. Need I say I was in heaven when these lovelies arrived in the mail!

The red dress above is very special and I think it is probably my favorite. (I say, "think" because it is so hard for me to decide...I really like them all.) It was made from an older and more delicate hanky than the others. The border is actually a sheer transparent fabric. I chose pretty carved mother of pearl buttons to embellish this sweet Valentine dress.

Below you can see the completed Hanky Dresses. Can you match up the hankies with the finished dresses? Which one is your favorite? See how hard it is to decide!

She also asked me to make some dresses from the pattern I sell. If you click on the photo and zoom in you can see the imitation rhinestone embellishments used. I didn't have enough valentine hankies for four dresses. So, I improvised and used pretty little white hankies for the skirts and added the Valentine aprons for more color. I managed to make all of the aprons from one Valentine hanky.

I have made dresses for Shelley before, and it is always a pleasure. She uses them for party decor and gifts; and has kept several for herself to frame and hopefully share with grand daughters one day.

This is one of the hankies Shelley sent to me. When I told her that it was a puzzle hanky and also that I collect these, she gave it to me for my collection. I simply love it and every time I see it I remember Shelley and smile! 

Click this link to learn more:    Valentine Puzzle Hankies


  1. Love your adorable Hanky Dresses! I have a great affection for vintage hankies myself and have never seen (nor heard of!) a puzzle hanky. You have given me something new to seek out! Thank you!

  2. Puzzles and dresses, who knew vintage hankies had so much intrigue! Thanks for the education!

  3. You are so welcome! Glad I could share my passion with you.


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