Saturday, March 5, 2016

Crocheted Stones

Today I want to share with you the work of a very talented artist and relatively new friend of mine who just happens to live in my neighborhood. We met a couple of year's ago when I was watering the flowers around my steel magnolias and she came walking by early one morning with her sweet dog, Sage.

Marti is a multi faceted crafter and artist who excels in many areas. She sews, quilts, crochets, knits, is a woodworker, paints....and wants to try everything else. 

Have you all seen crocheted stones? Well, I have been admiring them for quite some time. Sadly, I am not skilled at crocheting....but Marti is!!! So I asked if she had ever seen crocheted stones and suggested she give it a try. 


Here is the result. Aren't they just wonderful! 

They make great desktop paper weights, look pretty on a dressing table, or can be used as a coffee table conversation piece.


She creates a free form of crochet designed to cover the entire stone; therefore, it is decorated on all sides. 


I have tried to get photos from several angles for you.


By the way - this conversation all got started because we found out that we were also both long-time rock hounds. We love rocks!

Wait until you see Marti's paintings! She paints these marvelous scenes and word signs on weathered wood. I hope to share some of those with you sometime soon. She is also new to Etsy and and you can find her there as the Resourceful Crafter.


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