Tuesday, February 13, 2018

February's Birth Month Flowers on Vintage Hankies

February's birth month flowers are violets, primrose and iris. Of the three, violets were the easiest for me to find on my hankies.

Above are four lovely examples of  hankies with violets from my personal collection. 

This is a sweet little handmade hanky. I know that because a sweet little old lady told me so and she also explained to me how it was done and that she could remember making some as a child. She told me that the trick is to pull a thread loose and attach a piece of embroidery floss or other thread and pull it through the fabric. The little circle of violets is hand embroidered on this one. And, finally the hanky is hemmed.

 Here we have three primrose hankies and what may be an iris one. I haven't totally convinced myself that this is an iris. It may be an orchid. What do you think? If it is an orchid, then I don't have any hankies with irises on them.

I just happened to have one sweet round hanky simply brimming with violets.

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